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About us:

In 1984, Hans van der Poel BV started up a sales dealership in agriculture. This was a traditional company, located in the work center of the Gebroeders Van der Poel business. After five years we needed more space and moved from Oud Ade to Roelofarendsveen. In addition to the dealership, we made small repairs to horticultural machines and then started developing small weeding machines. This was the first manufactured device that was sold in large numbers (1,200 pieces sold).

High-quality mechanical engineering is the main focus

During the twenty years the company spent at Geestweg in Roelofarendsveen, developing and manufacturing machines for growing freesias, lilies and amaryllis became more important. Retailing of products slowly faded into the background. High-end machine construction is currently Hans van der Poel BV’s core business.

From regional to global

The company has grown from two employees in 1984 to over twenty today. Where we focused on serving the regional market in the beginning, we are now operating on a global scale. Through Dutch representatives of flower sellers, we manufacture horticultural machines for growers in countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Israel, Germany, Japan, Tasmania, Australia and Brazil.

Our main services

Bucket Fillers

Hans van der Poel BV has a very wide range of bucket fillers for round buckets, containers, proconas and trays.

Planting Machines

For different types of cultivation, Hans van de Poel BV has planting machines. From a multi configurable SemiMatic to the Lilymatic robotic planter for lilies.

Custom Build

Hans van der Poel BV has a wide experience to devise customer specific solutions and realize them from simple to extensive systems.

Internal Transport

For good logistics of container transport in your company, Hans van der Poel BV is the right place to be. We supply all components for internal transport such as transportation belts, roller conveyors, pushers, elevators, scanners etc. These components can be delivered in the sizes required by the customer.

Why choose
Hans van der Poel BV

Innovation Comes First

Hans van der Poel BV continuously develops new and high-quality systems for logistics and capacity challenges

Taking Care Of Everything

With our own machining machinery, 3D draftsmen, structural engineers and software engineers, we take care of your total project.

From Conversation To Implementation

After an orientation meeting, good idea, 3D drawing and construction, careful implementation is the last important step.

Specialist Horticulture And Agriculture

We have extensive knowledge of the agriculture and horticulture industry, culture as well as traditional and modern machine technology.

Customer references


Qualily has been involved in the development of the robotic lily planter from the very beginning. Out of this development came the LilyMatic, a lily planter where the personnel ergonomically places the bulbs in the cups of the lily planter. The bulbs are then planted fully automatically.

Gerbera United

At Gerbera United, a buffer system has been developed for gerberas. The just-harvested gerberas are removed from the delivery cart by a robot, cut and watered. A robotic crane moves the barrels of gerberas into a buffer with a capacity of 355 containers. The containers of gerberas are removed from the buffer when the processing places need them.


For Marginpar's new building, the SquareFill robot was developed with the goal of making lots of containers with water plus flower food available in a short time. The flowers arrive by airplane in boxes and these must be watered as quickly as possible.

Pippel Lisianthus

The challenge at Pippel Lisianthus was to create as much capacity as possible in a limited number of square meters. This was achieved by making the supply of the containers under the roller conveyors. This created space for four processing places.

Berg Lisianthus

At Berg Lisianthus, a very extensive container system has been set up with two SquareFill 500 bucket fillers, one of which has a rack inserter. These bucket fillers supply four processing places with containers. The containers with flowers are transported to a buffer system with 48 roller conveyors where they are buffered by type.

W.F. Leenen / Decorum

At the auction in Rijnsburg, Hans van der Poel installed a container line at W.F. Leenen where the sticker on the container determines on which buffer roller conveyor they end up. The driven roller conveyors at the crossings can transport the container in 3 directions (WF Lenen's setup has 2 directions) creating an intelligent buffer system.

Royal De Ree Holland

In Lisserbroek at Royal De Ree Holland we have automated two processes by using a robot: in spring the washing of bulb trays, whereby the robot removes the dirty trays from the stack and places them on the conveyor belt and stacks the washed trays again. In the fall, trays are stacked off with bulbs that need to be checked for acid. The trays that have been checked are stacked again by the robot.

ko Kolk Hortensia's

For Ko Kolk Hydrangeas, a solution has been devised for quickly changing containers. By using a SquareFill 100 on rails, the complete SquareFill 100 can be moved to the other position with the push of a button, so that you can switch to the other type of containers in a very short time.

Hans van der Poel:
from idea to realization