Bloemenlijn EN

Flower line Description Flower line of the newest generation Different modules The flower line is made up of several modules that allow one to build a configuration suitable to the needs of your business. Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate Flower line

Berg Lisianthus EN

Berg Lisianthus At Berg Lisianthus, a very extensive container system has been set up with two SquareFill 500 bucket fillers, one of which has a rack inserter. These bucket fillers supply four processing places with containers. The containers with flowers are transported to a buffer system with 48 roller conveyors where they are buffered by […]

Gebera United EN

Gerbera United Gerbera Buffer System System for storing harvested Gerberas in a buffer system. The harvested Gerberas are brought in harvest cars with 6 containers on them. These containers contain so-called interiors consisting of 4 tubes into which the Gerberas are placed during harvesting. These interiors are removed from the harvesting cars by a robotic […]

SBO Spitters EN

Spitten-doe-je-zo Hans van der Poel BV has taken over the range of SBO spading machines. This has resulted in a new line of spading machines from Hans van der Poel BV. Input list Spading machine Spading machines are available in widths from 70, 100, 120 & 160 cm Spading machine with or without rake roll […]

Bosband EN

Combine belt Description Band for bundling tulips. Main belt of 350 mm wide. Clearance of 120 mm. Roller diameter of 30 mm. Different sizes Combine belt can be supplied in different lengths Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate Combine belt

In/uithaal systeem broeibakken EN

Container system Description Customer-specific solution to insert and/or remove containers into a container system. Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate container system

Opvoerelevator met aanvoerband EN

Elevator with feeding belt Description Combination of a feed conveyor and elevator Different widths Elevator with feeding belt is available in different widths Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate elevator with feeding belt

Tulpenlijn EN

Tulip planting line Description Tulip planting line consisting of a cubic crate tipper with conveyors for the supply of bulbs and the removal of dirt. Roller conveyors and conveyors are used for the supply and removal of containers. ‘Custom made’ The tulip line can be supplied in various lengths. Previous Next Use mouse / finger […]

Omkeersysteem broeibakken EN

Container reverser Description Beats containers ” over-the-head” to clear them of water, bulb and flour residue before entering the rinsing machine. Different sizes Container reversing system can be made specific to the container used on the company. Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate Container reverser

Kuubkistenkantelaar EN

Cubic box tipper Description Unit consisting of a tilting system, a wide supply belt and a discharge belt. Using sensors, the bulbs are dosed onto the first wide belt. Next, the bulbs are taken over by a second belt mounted slightly diagonally under previous belt in order to distribute the bulbs evenly over this belt. […]