Fresiaplantmachine EN

Fresia planting machine Description This machine is equipped with 8 planting discs, driving on rubber tracks and puts the cooling hoses directly into the ground. The fresia planting machine can drive straight across the beds using laser control. Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate Fresia planting machine

SemiMatic Planter EN

SemiMatic Planter Description Multi-purpose planter. Available with different drill diameters. Previous Next Use mouse / finger to rotate SemiMatic

LilyMatic lelieplanter EN

LilyMatic -Lily planter Description The LilyMatic is a semi-automatic lily planting machine. The machine consists of a rubber track undercarriage, a storage bunker with belt, a rotating system of bulb holders, bulb grippers and a drilling system. An elevator belt 3700×550 belongs to the machine as well, in order to easily supply the storage bunker […]