LilyMatic -Lily planter


The LilyMatic is a semi-automatic lily planting machine. The machine consists of a rubber track undercarriage, a storage bunker with belt, a rotating system of bulb holders, bulb grippers and a drilling system. An elevator belt 3700x550 belongs to the machine as well, in order to easily supply the storage bunker with bulbs. The machine moves along an imaginary line of a laser system.


After using the elevator to supply the bunker with bulbs and placing the laser system's signal unit in the correct position on the main path, one drives the machine to the end of the bed to be planted. Normally these caterpillars drive in the paths between the beds. However, if one starts with the "path with concrete feet of pillars", the corresponding caterpillar on this side can move up to under the machine. In this way one can plant as tightly as possible against the posts. When the end of the bed is reached, the control panel indicates that the laser system needs to be accurately adjusted. Via a wireless connection, the signal transmitter is instructed to adjust itself so that the signal enters the machine in the center of the laser transducer. With this system the machine will move in a straight line. After this, the machine is put in plant mode. The drill beam of the machine lowers until the drill plate touches the ground. From that point, the drills go into the ground to the set depth. As soon as the drilling beam rises again, the machine makes a (adjustable) step. When the machine is stationary, the system with the bulb grippers brings the bulbs to the bottom of the holes that have just been drilled. As the gripper system raises, the drilling system begins to drill the next row of holes, with the soil coming out of these holes falling into the previous holes. To sweep this soil flat again, the machine is equipped with a V-shaped slide. During these operations, the operator ensures that the lily bulbs are placed upright in the bulb holders. The cycle of drilling and planting repeats itself until one arrives back at the main path.

Use mouse / finger to rotate LilyMatic