19 september 2023 - Work in progress

New series of our advanced LilyMatic robotic planter

18 april 2023 - Aquamatic bucket filler: new bucket types

The AquaMatic bucket filler from Hans van der Poel BV is suitable not only for round buckets but also for recyclable IFCO buckets, Carrefour buckets and square Quadro buckets

15 Februari 2023 - Expansion of management Hans van der Poel BV

Since its founding in 1984, our company Hans van der Poel BV has served many companies with our reliable service and creative technical solutions. We have brought dozens of innovative machines to the market and put them into operation worldwide.

One of our driving forces is that we are always looking forward and ready to take on the next challenge. We see that our team has a lot of potential and we want Hans van der Poel to continue to grow so that we can make even more creative plans and ideas a reality.

We are therefore pleased to inform you that we have found two new enthusiastic directors, who will carry the organization further and expand it into the future as of April 1.

Mark Hogenboom, no stranger to most, will be our new technical director. Mark has been working in the organization for 23 years and together with our engineers is the technical heart of the company.

Besides Mark, we will also have a new general director: Niels van der Meer. He started his career in 1998 at Hans van der Poel, and is back on the old nest after years of working in different technical industries, most recently as engineering manager in Horticulture. Niels will focus on the organization and further professionalization of our operations.

With Mark and Niels and our top technical team we face the future with great confidence. We will of course remain involved in the company behind the scenes and will regularly be found in the workshop and the office. We are looking forward to the new phase of the company.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us. Kind regards,

Hans and Caroline van der Poel

Februari 2023 - Introduction AquaMatic Tray Bucket Filler

This bucket filler is specially designed to destack different trays. Available with buffer belt of 2 or 3m long.

Januari 2023 - Introduction SquareFill Robot Bucket Filler

Robot system where at the first point 4 containers are stacked at the same time, at the second point water is given and at the third point the racks are placed on the containers. Containers and racks are automatically refilled by the robot.

December 2022 - Introduction QuickFill Belt 2.0 Bucket Filler

This bucket filler is specially designed to buffer and transport containers with a conveyor belt. Water filling nozzle is automatically adjustable in height by touch screen control. No perlator / brake in the water supply so higher filling speed. Equipped with an upward rotating filling pipe so that leakage is minimized.

November 2022 - Introduction SquareFill 200 Bucket Filler

Compact machine for automatic de-stacking / filling containers and optionally round buckets.

October 2022 - Introduction QuickFill 2.0 Bucket Filler

Simple and compact design, this machine will always fit your existing setup..
The QuickFill 2.0 has no restriction / brake in the water inlet, so higher filling speed.
Suitable for: all types of containers/buckets.