Crate Tilter


System intended for changing the water in puncture trays. The system contains 3 stations: The first station consists of 2 chain conveyors mounted on a system that can tilt to about 70° to pour the water from the trays. Here, using a forklift, one can place a pallet (1200x800) with 4 stacks of bins on it after which, by remote control, one starts the system. When the pallet has returned to its horizontal position after tilting, the pallet runs through the chain conveyors to the next station. There, the trays are supplied with fresh water. For this purpose, nozzles are used which all open simultaneously at a certain pressure. This ensures that all trays receive almost the same amount of water. When filling is stopped, the pallet moves on to the next position where it can be removed again by means of a forklift truck. A plastic tray is mounted under the entire system that collects the water.

Use mouse / finger to rotate Crate Tilter